Insect Info

Dubia Roaches

Dubia roaches are an incredible source of protein for your growing reptile. They have quickly surpassed crickets as the go to feeder. Some sources say that a single adult dubia is the equivalent of 3-4 adult crickets! Dubia are quiet, virtually odorless, easy to handle, don’t bite, and will not infest your house. Our pets love them and we think yours will too!

Store at 68°-95°F.    

Dubia are tropical roaches so they really do great with warm temperatures and humidity. They can survive at temps below 68° but mortality rates rise as lower temps are sustained. Higher constant temperatures above 95° decreases their life expectancy as well, especially in the absence of humidity. Adults enjoy a temperature range of 80°-95° to successfully breed.

Moisture • 65%
Protein • 21%
Fat • 9%
Fiber • 5% 
Ash • 1%   
Calcium • 800 mg/kg    
Phosphorus • 2600 mg/kg    
Ca:P Ratio • 1:3



Wanting to add a little spice to your pet’s diet? Superworms are as feisty as insects get and will grab the attention of even the most pickiest of eaters. Your pet will go wild over them and will become an instant favorite.

Store at 70°-80°F. 

If allowed to remain with other superworms, they will stay in their current state and will not enter the pupation stage. Give them an occasional snack with moisture such as a slice of carrot or potato if they are being stored for more than 1-2 weeks.

Moisture • 60%
Protein • 19%
Fat • 16%
Fiber • 4%
Ash • 1%  
Calcium • 177 mg/kg 
Phosphorus • 2370 mg/kg
Ca:P Ratio • 1:18



Ahh! The classic feeder! Mealworms are a great part of a well balanced diet. They are a versatile, tried and true choice amongst reptile owners. They can be fed to bearded dragons, geckos, turtles, birds, fish, spiders, and even livestock. Add a dash of calcium to them before feeding and you are good to go!

Store at 42°-50°F.  
These temperatures promote dormancy and will keep your worms fresh for up to 30 days. You can store them in an upper refrigerator door or a wine cooler.

Moisture • 61.9%   
Protein • 19.7%
Fat • 13.4% 
Fiber • 2.5%
Ash • .9%
Calcium • 169 mg/kg
Phosphorus • 2950 mg/kg   
Ca:P Ratio • 1:17

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Protein…check! Calcium…check! Super delicious…check! If you have a bearded dragon, look no further than the BSFL, they are a match made in heaven. With their extremely high calcium content, there is no need to dust them with calcium prior to feeding. As an added bonus, once the larvae turn black, it’s only a matter of time before the fly emerges. Release them into your terrarium and watch your beardie chase them around for a fantastic source of enrichment. BSFL are also great for geckos, tegus, skinks, chameleons, and a multitude of other reptiles as well.

Store at 50º-55ºF

These temperatures will slow their growth process and keep them in a larval state for up to 30 days.

Moisture • 64%   
Protein • 18%
Fat • 14% 
Fiber • 6%
Ash • 5%
Calcium •  9340 mg/kg
Phosphorus •  3560 mg/kg   
Ca:P Ratio • Variable